BCGSmartCheck eReferences… a better solution

Regardless of the type of position you are trying to fill, finding the person with the best qualifications and the one that will fit in best with your team can be two different challenges.

Resumes document qualifications but don’t adequately tell you “who” the candidate is. 

Sequential interviews are a fundamental way of broadening the basis for “knowing” who will be joining your team.  But that still leaves gaps.

Traditional prior employment verification is an important way to verify timelines but still don’t fill the need because prior employers really aren’t at liberty to give much information.  Plus, they can take valuable time.

That’s where professional reference checks play a key part of the process.

BCGSmartCheck eReferences can be the perfect solution to this need.

Click this link to read more about how eReferences from BCGSmartCheck helps you know your hiring candidates.

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