Applied Analytics

Data are neither right nor wrong.  They are the building blocks for creating intelligence and can be arranged/viewed such that their interpretation is true or false.  The validity of that intelligence is totally subject to the analytics that are applied.

Sound intelligence is the basis for understanding a client’s mission-based niche and for qualifying their position and unique strengths within it. Success in applying that intelligence is linked to understanding the client’s mission and goals, culture, objectives, strengths and constraints.

Building on this understanding, analytics at Brandywine falls into two categories, Statistical Research & Modeling and Qualitative Research. Each of these approaches is positioned to help better understand our client’s niche and build acquisition and retention solutions.

We work with our clients to analyze the findings from this research and apply it in two directions. First, at the foundational level by overlaying with tactical actions and results; second, at the highest level by reevaluating strategic directions and tactical plans through the microscope of segment intelligence.